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The Benefits of Purchasing a Home

Homeownership is the American dream. And there are plenty of benefits to owning a home. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing one of our homes in Cedar City Utah.

  1. Your piece of the American dream – Your monthly mortgage payments go toward paying off your own home instead of you paying off someone else’s mortgage or it going to a leasing company. Though renting has short term benefits, owning a home means you are building equity and investing in your future long-term.
  2. Creative liberty – When you own your own home you have the artistic freedom to do what you want with your new home. From picking out appliances, hanging up pictures, and repainting the walls to redoing the carpeting and renovating your home, there are plenty of things you can do to customize your space without being penalized or having to ask for permission from a landlord or the leasing company.
  3. Home security – As a renter you are at the mercy of your landlord. He or she can come in at any time and end your lease because they want to move back in, no longer want to rent to you, or plan on selling the property. The unexpected eviction can cause serious disruptions in your life and force you to find a new place when you were not planning on it.
  4. Locked in monthly payment – Homebuyer’s who choose a fixed mortgage rate will be able to lock in their monthly payment. On the other hand, leasing companies and landlords can raise the rent on you.

The decision is truly up to you when it comes to buying a home versus renting a home. Buying a home may be the best option if you are looking to stay in the area for five or more years and are financially ready to handle the ancillary costs associated with homebuying. Make a decision that is the best for your situation and your future. Good luck and if you are interested in one of our homes in Cedar City Utah contact us at 435-868-3504.

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