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Improving Your Credit Score Now to Prepare For Buying a New Home Later

Your credit score plays a pivotal role in the homebuying process. The higher your score, the more likely you are to qualify for a mortgage with favorable interest rates. However, a lower credit score might result in difficulty securing a mortgage or getting one with a higher interest rate. This makes you a more attractive borrower when you have a better credit score. Before you dive into buying one of our Cedar City homes, it’s crucial to clean up your credit score.


  1. Start now – There’s no better time than the present to begin improving your credit. Raising your credit score takes time, so don’t wait until you find a house you want to buy to start fixing your credit.
  2. Review your credit history – Get your free annual credit report to get a clear picture of your financial profile. Knowing what’s on your credit report lets you see what lenders see. Ensure there are no discrepancies, such as incorrect addresses, unauthorized lines of credit, or misspelled names. If you find errors, contact the credit agencies to fix them.
  3. Reduce spending – Monitor your weekly and monthly expenses. Is there a subscription you forgot to cancel? Do you really need that gym membership if you haven’t been in months? Cutting back on unnecessary purchases can help you save money and pay off any debts.
  4. Pay down your debts – Your debt-to-income ratio is a significant factor in qualifying for a mortgage. Paying off debts will improve your standing as a borrower. Consider balance transfers to save on interest and avoid carrying a credit card balance to lower your credit utilization.
  5. Make On-Time Payments – Ensure you do not miss any payments. Keep track of due dates and amounts owed. Missing a payment can negatively impact your credit score.
  6. Avoid Big Purchases – Prior to acquiring a home loan, avoid making big purchases such as cars, large appliances, or vacations. These can negatively impact your credit score. Be extra cautious with your spending as you save for your new home.

Cleaning up your credit is a crucial step toward owning a home. For those looking to buy Cedar City homes, it’s essential to prepare your credit score for a smooth home-buying process. When you’re ready to start your journey, contact us at 435-868-3504 to learn about our available homes at Painted Desert and Rose Village.

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