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Home Sweet Home: 16 Thoughtful and Practical Housewarming Gifts

Most of us have moved at one time or another. Whether that was to a new house or a new country, it makes a difference when someone shows up with a thoughtful gift. To help in the quest of housewarming gift giving, we have compiled some ideas for you!

Personalized Gifts

These gifts are intentional and thoughtful because they involve time and planning. Try one of these options!

1.      Custom painting of their new home – check out Etsy for options

2.      Tea towel with their family name or date they moved in – perfect for their new kitchen

3.      Personalized pillow cover – to rest on after those long days

4.      Stamp with their new address – for all of the letters and Christmas cards they send

Gift Cards

If time is not in your favor, gift cards are always treasured after a move! Here are some favorites.

5.      Local food shop – to use when their dishes are still in boxes

6.      Home improvement store – for the projects that they will inevitably have

7.      Your go-to organization shop or home décor store – perfect for the unpacking phase

8.      Local photographer – to get family photos in their new town and create a memory they will cherish

Gifts for Settling-In

These gifts can go a long way when they have moved to a new place and need help adjusting to the area.

9.      Handwritten paper with local recommendations on it – you can include restaurants, mechanics, groceries, parks, or things to do in the area

10.   Scented candle or a plug-in – try to make it clean and refreshing

11.   New throw blanket – something to wrap up in at the end of the day

Touch of Nature

Want a gift with a touch of nature? Check out these ideas!

12.   House plant—don’t forget some items to help it grow like a pot, a watering can, or fertilizer

13.   Fake plant—to add life and color in their home

14.   Bird feeder—with food included. For a fun addition to their home that will bring local wildlife closer to their view

Basket of Goodies

There are so many options of what you could fill it with, but these choices are sure to help!

15.   A laundry basket full of paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, with cleaning supplies or hand soap – these can go a long way in those early days of unpacking.

16.A decorative  basket with a recipe and ingredients for a favorite meal (including the pan!) – this can take a load off when they are trying to decide how and what to make for dinner.

Whatever you choose, if you bring a welcoming smile, your new or long-time friend will surely feel supported and loved. If these ideas have piqued your desire to own your own home, check out our website or contact our team to see the beautiful homes and floor plans we are creating in our communities at Rose Bradley Homes. Happy housewarming!

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